Ace Asphalt provides fast, professional service utilizing amazing new technology designed to save you time and money!

Unlike traditional methods, Ace Asphalt uses a unique, thermal bonding system. Our state of the art Hot-In-Place recycling process creates a strong seamless bond between the surrounding surface and repair establishing an enduring fix that seals moisture out ending the cycle of deterioration. We help you maintain and protect your lot by providing service when you need it… not just after you accumulate enough damage to justify bringing in heavy equipment and large crews.

With our “right sized” approach to pothole repair, we efficiently service minor repairs that most asphalt paving companies would simply lose money on. By helping you maintain your lot before damage spreads, we save you money and add years to the life of your asphalt.


• Cost effective, typically saving you 65% compared to traditional methods.

• Durable repair with high quality finish eliminates seams ending the cycle of asphalt deterioration caused by water penetration.

• Quick, quiet and non-intrusive thermal bonding technology completes most repairs in about 20 minutes.

• Year round service prevents small potholes from growing larger all winter.

• Green sustainable technology recycles waste products on-site reducing carbon footprint 85% over traditional repair methods.

• Repairs guaranteed for 12 full months.

• World class customer service is unparalleled.

• No job too small – services designed to fix and maintain your parking lot whether you have one pothole or major repairs!

Areas of use

Potholes, surface cracks, bad joints, bird baths, catch basins, and manholes can be economically repaired with minimal time
expended and minor traffic re-routing all year long even during winter months!

Conventional repair with seam between old and new asphalt vs. infrared repair without seam.

Why Infrared?

Repairing asphalt by conventional methods is a very expensive and time-consuming process. It requires a significant amount of equipment, material and manpower, and the results are far from permanent.
Even when done correctly, the finished conventional asphalt repair is left with a cold seam where the hot asphalt meets the existing pavement. this cold seam is the weak link and is where water will eventually re-enter the repair and cause it to fail.

Studies prove that infrared repair is the superior method

The University of Ohio partnered with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the infrared method.
Their report found that the infrared patches had much higher quality ratings than those installed using either the throw-and-roll or spray injection methods, and are expected to survive up to 14 times longer.

Overall Rating with Time for Each Patching Method